For those of you old enough to remember the glory days of packet radio there is some good news.

Thanks to Steve Wiebke W0STV for the information. Steve has informed me that he is making some changes to his setup, so information is subject to change. I’ll update this page as soon as I receive more information.

Steve is also the local node for WINLINK via Packet on VHF 145.010, those of you interested in Winlink, it’s a lot of fun just to try, but it’s very useful as well. Winlink Info, click HERE, map of nodes and links, click HERE

Point your radio to 145.670MHz FM and fire up that old TNC or the soundcard emulation software and listen for MNROC2.

Winona Group has an excellent write up, visit their page in the links, or jump directly to the info HERE

W9GM created a MAP showing node information.