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Next SEMNARC Meeting May 25th 2024

The next SEMNARC meeting will be on Saturday, May 25th at the Spring Valley Ambulance Station from 9-11 am. The address is 100 Emergency Drive in Spring Valley MN.

The ARRL Field Day 2024 is coming up on June 22-23rd. Our group is again planning to participate this year by operating a club station using the callsign W0VGW. Field Day is an annual event where groups across the US and Canada set up temporary, portable equipment operating on emergency power and operate for a 24 hrs communicating with each other. It is a good exercise in emergency preparedness as well as a fun social event and an opportunity to learn new things. We will be discussing Field Day 2024 plans at the meeting. We will also cover the severe weather events that have happened since our April meeting. In the second segment we’re free to have technical discussion and we’ll make plenty of time for answers to questions people may have about amateur radio and advancing in the hobby.

More information on ARRL Field Day can be found here.https://www.arrl.org/field-day

Anyone with an interest in amateur radio or weather is welcome to attend SEMNARC meetings. We monitor the Wykoff 147.015 PL 110.9 repeater during meetings for talk-ins. See you on the 25th!


Looking to become a member of SEMNARC?

It’s really easy, just show up at one of our meetings, that’s it, you’re in. Simple, get involved as much or as little as you like, there are no dues, however, we appreciate tossing a couple bucks in the kitty now and then as SEMNARC, does have a few operating costs for the network of repeaters.

You can contact us too at “skywarn at semnarc dot org” or join us on our weekly Sunday evening nets at 7:45PM on the 147.015+ PL 110.9 repeater or you can join us on our GMRS side on Saturday night net at 8:00PM on the 462.575 +5Mhz PL 136.5 repeater. Wait a minute, GMRS? Yes, you read that right, we’re not just amateur radio, we love it all, we have a GMRS repeater, and if we can hear you, we’ll take all check ins on channel 16 simplex as well so no worries if you do not hold a GMRS license.

Learn more about what we do deeper into the site. Welcome to SEMNARC!

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