SEMNARC / Fillmore County Hams.

Fillmore County Hams, partnered with and is now part of the Southeast Minnesota Amateur Radio Club (SEMNARC). We created this website as an informational resource for all those interested in the hobby of Amateur Radio. No matter whether you are a long time licensed ham, new to the hobby, or interested in becoming licensed, there is information here regarding education, ways to serve our communities and exploring new facets of this hobby. The goal is to further the growth of Amateur Radio in Southeast Minnesota .

This site contains lots of information. Look under the Public Service tab to find the pages for our ARES and Skywarn groups and consider joining. Anyone can now join and participate in our Skywarn storm spotting group (no radio license required). Also check out the Code Red page and sign up for Fillmore County alerts. Check out the Social pages and get connected to other hams by checking into the nets that are listed on the Nets page. The Digital Coms tab contains pages with information about different types of digital communication. Find links to other area clubs under the Local Clubs tab. Check out the calendar section for information on upcoming SEMNARC meetings. Our meetings are open to the public. For anyone interested in getting started in ham radio, contact us and we will gladly provide information. Get study materials (books or online), pass the test, get your license, and start enjoying the hobby of Amateur Radio!

For more information on SEMNARC, check the ABOUT page, or go to the SEMNARC Facebook group by clicking here and join the group. SEMNARC welcomes hams from all counties of Southeast Minnesota as well as Northern Iowa. The group supports the exchange of ideas and information over a broad range of topics related to amateur radio. Meeting and networking with new people with similar interests is what keeps the hobby of amateur radio vibrant and growing

Welcome to SEMNARC.

We might look a little funny, but we’re are all pretty darn nice guys! We, (and the other members smart enough not to show up for picture day), Welcome you to SEMNARC.