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December Meeting UPDATE:

The next SEMNARC meeting will be on Saturday Dec 10th from 9-11 am at the Spring Valley Ambulance Station. Since Christmas is just around the corner, there may be special treats and activities going on at this meeting. Skywarn Recognition Day is Saturday Dec 3rd. The Olmsted Skywarn group is hosting an open house at the Rochester EOC from 10am-2pm and several of our members are planning to attend. We’ll talk about the activities of Skywarn Recognition Day as well as other events coming up starting in January.

SEMNARC meetings are open to the public and anyone with an interest in amateur radio is welcome to attend. Talk-ins on the Wykoff 147.015 PL110.9 repeater. See you there!

Skywarn Recognition Day – Saturday December 3rd 2022

This is a yearly nationwide event to recognize the efforts of Skywarn spotters. Thank you to the members of the Fillmore Skywarn group for your efforts and volunteering your time to make this a successful storm spotting group. On Saturday, monitor the Wykoff repeater for special traffic and throw out your callsign often. Also sign in to the Zello Fillmore Skywarn channel for the day and monitor for messages. For those of you with HF capabilities, there will be traffic there to. Go to the Skywarn Recognition Day 2022 website for more info. Thank you Fillmore Spotters!