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Special SEMNARC Event Sat. October 21st-Mini Hamfest!

Instead of a regular meeting for October, there will be a Fall Tailgate Mini-Hamfest at the home of Gary Peterson N0ZOD (SK) who passed away in April. This event has been organized by Steve Wiebke W0STV to help Gary’s wife sell the remaining ham gear and professional photography equipment and cameras which they used in their photography business. This event will take place on Saturday, Oct 21st from 8am till 1pm at their home in Spring Valley. The address is 500 Lyndale Ave. Spring Valley, MN. Gary’s equipment will be set up in the garage. This is also a tailgate event, so anyone is welcome to bring ham gear for sale as there will be additional room to set up on property adjacent to their home or on the street. This event is open to the public and all SEMNARC members are encouraged to attend and stay as long as they like. Please spread the word to anyone you know who has an interest in ham, photography, or audio equipment. If any questions, contact Steve at W0STV@arrl.net. Keep checking the SEMNARC Facebook page for more info on this upcoming event.



The core value of the group (Ham radio hobby) often times gets over looked with so many other events and directions of the groups functions, so I’m building up a new section dedicated to the hobby of ham radio. While it is a work in progress, hopefully it is useful to everyone that has an interest in the hobby, technical, and learning side of SMENARC.