Amateur Radio Emergency Service in Fillmore County

Fillmore County ARES is part of the national ARRL ARES organization and is one of the 11 counties in the Southeast District of Minnesota ARES. We can provide communication support during real and simulated emergency events in Fillmore county and throughout southeast Minnesota. Fillmore ARES can provide emergency communications for VOAD, the American Red Cross, Channel One, local law enforcement and fire departments as well as the Fillmore County office of Emergency Management in times of disaster. 

​Jim Miller (KD0ORR) is the Fillmore county ARES Emergency Coordinator (EC) and can be contacted at

​Active ARES members are amateur radio operators who have completed an ARES Registration Form. To receive a registration form, contact Jim at Participation is on a voluntary basis. Being part of ARES is a good way for amateur operators to serve our communities in times of need.

​All active ARES members are encouraged to purchase an ARES vest. If you need a vest, please contact Jim at

​Any Fillmore ARES member that is available to provide communications support when ARES is activated is requested to contact EC Jim Miller on the 147.015 PL110.9 repeater or at

 Please contact the following for additional Minnesota ARES  emergency management information

  • Skip Jackson, KSØJ, Minnesota Section Manager (SM)
  • Daniel D. Anderson, KDØASX, Minnesota Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC)
  • Bill Osler, KØRGR, Minnesota Southeast District Emergency Coordinator (DEC).
  • Bob Wiles, ABØBW, Minnesota District 1 Assistant Emergency Coordinator.
  • Capt Mike Bromberg, KDØEOB, Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Ops for Olmsted Cty
  • Ken Jones, KD8HPX, Deputy Emergency Management Director for Rochester

Minnesota Section ARES

Fillmore County Emergency Management

ARRL Minnesota Section

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Fillmore County ARES Frequency Lists and Grid Maps

The following self-directed courses are available for free through FEMA.
ARES members are encouraged to take them in order to get familiarized with the Incident Command System in use nationally.

MN ARES also recommends the following courses:

Yearly SKYWARN training is also encouraged. Please attend at least every two years to stay current!