SEMNARC / Fillmore County SKYWARN Program

Fillmore ARES oversees the Fillmore County Skywarn Program. Fillmore ARES Emergency Coordinator (EC) Jim Miller-KD0ORR  is the Fillmore Skywarn coordinator. It is not necessary to be an ARES member to participate in Skywarn. Any amateur radio operator that receives Skywarn training can participate in Skywarn activations to serve and protect our communities. Fillmore County Skywarn is in need of more spotters. For more information contact Jim Miller at  

Skywarn Severe Weather Spotting

​ Skywarn spotters should keep safety in mind when tracking severe weather and always leave an escape route. Never obstruct traffic, park only where it is safe, be visible, and use vehicle hazard lights or other warning lights when parked. Use Skywarn signs to identify vehicles and do not park on private property. Skywarn spotters are required to have attended one National Weather Service (NWS) training class, sponsored and coordinated by the Fillmore County Emergency Management Office, at least once every two years. All Skywarn mobile spotters must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid drivers license and vehicle insurance coverage.

A Skywarn weather net is activated when a potential for severe weather is determined by the National Weather Service (NWS) in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The W0VGW 147.015 (PL110.9 Hz) repeater, located in Wykoff, MN is used for Skywarn nets. A Skywarn net may be operated from any Skywarn trained NCS location or the Spring Valley EOC. Mobile radios must be operated on “high power” during Skywarn activations.. If you live in Spring Valley or Wykoff and only have an HT let the NCS know this. They will station you near the city limits to storm spot. When net control asks for spotters to check into a Skywarn net give your CALL SIGN, your NAME, your CURRENT LOCATION.

Please see this link for more information. 2024 WEATHER TRAINING AND INFORMATION